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  • Ebmpapst fans have many advantages in AHU. No limits to AHU applications thanks to new centrifugal fans 1,extension of product range to include size 630,710,800 and 1000 2,outstanding system efficiency based on real measured values
  • High-voltage converter transformer element and power element(IGBT)will be heated during use. There are two kinds of heat dissipation measures:water cooling and air cooling. Water cooling is usually adopted for high-power frequency converter.Air cooling is used to install many fans on the top of the cabinet to force hot air out of the cabinet, and then discharge it to the room or connect the air duct to discharge to the outside.
  • SVG is high voltage dynamic reactive power compensator. Its main function is to compensate reactive power, increase power factor, restrain voltage fluctuation, control harmonics, improve power supply and improve power utilization. According to 10KV and 35KV, the compensation capacity is ±0.6 MVar ~ ±25MVar, and the number of fans with different compensation capacity is different, which can be placed indoors or outside the house.
  • Inverter is a kind of power adjustment device composed of semiconductor devices, which is mainly used to convert DC into AC.Photovoltaic inverter is a kind of equipment to realize grid-connected photovoltaic power generation. Most inverters are placed outdoors, the environment is relatively bad, most of the fans are installed inside of the equipment (improve the protection grade of the whole machine), so the size is required to be as small as possible.
  • Beijing Henry Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in frequency converter, ventilator and its accessories in areas of rail transportation, ventilation of buildings, air purification, new energy vehicles and industrial control systems accessories.We don't just sell fans, we can also offer a perfect product solution.
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