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Grassland trip——Carry happiness to the end

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July 6, 2018,Henry‘s friends traveled to the Wulan Butong Grassland, a wonderful trip to the grasslands will be completed here.

There are wonderful music and vast grasslands here, although we are sitting on a rocking bus, we are excited.

The bright sunshine reflects sweet smiles

Overcast clouds

The source of the Luanhe River——Boundary river,it‘s the boundary between Hebei and Neimenggu.

Delicious Roasted Lamb

Happy bonfire party

The next afternoon we took the cars to the depths of the grassland to see the magical scenery.

On the third morning, we went to the film and television base.According to incomplete statistics,the open-air studio has produced more than sixty films and TV dramas.Beautiful grassland maked us not want to go back .

Famous General's Waters

Riding a horse is an unforgettable thing

We looked forward to the next group,and we also looked forward to a better tomorrow for henry.

Best wishes for our friends .


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