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Hengrui Hongsheng Participated in the 2022 China Refrigeration Exhibition

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From August 1st to 3rd, the 33rd International Exhibition on Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Food Refrigeration Processing (referred to as "2022 China Refrigeration Exhibition") was successfully held at the Chongqing International Expo Center and ended successfully.

With the theme of "Focusing on Innovative Quality, Committed to Low-Carbon Health", this year's Refrigeration Exhibition shared and displayed product technologies and concepts featuring green, intelligent, and technology. Hengrui Hongsheng and industry colleagues met in Chongqing to communicate and learn together, and promote the breakthrough development of the industry.

Hengrui Hongsheng, as a "striver" who has been working hard in the ventilation and heat dissipation industry, constantly explores and innovates, improves professionalism, and develops market ideas. This exhibition focuses on exploring energy-saving contributions in many fields such as ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning. While promoting intelligent/green buildings, it will help the country achieve the goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality".


AHU Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Units (AHU) are equipment used to centrally process air and are widely used in data centers, airports, hotels, hospitals and various commercial buildings. As an integrated solution, the EC fan can easily realize the functions of operation monitoring, constant control and group control, and can freely switch between the 0-10VDC building automation system mode and the RS485 local control mode.

Advantages of ebmpapst EC fans in AHU

Plug and play, compact design, easy installation

The green technology EC motor is durable and the fan is efficient and energy-saving

Increased air flow while maintaining compact size

Blades adopt advanced aerodynamic design concept for quiet operation

Stepless speed regulation via 0-10V DC, 4-20mA/ PWM control signal or MODBUS-RTU


EC fan recommendation

Cost-effective--Radical series

The size of the selected EC centrifugal fan includes 355-630mm, the air pressure can reach up to 1200Pa, and the air volume can reach up to 21000m³/h. It is energy-saving in operation, reliable in quality, maintenance-free operation, and super cost-effective, which can save users' budget and control operating costs.

High efficiency and long life--RadiPac series

Choose EC intelligent speed regulating fan R3G310-560 series, or modular version with mounting bracket, the wind pressure can reach up to 2000Pa, the maximum air volume is 19000m³/h, low power consumption, high wind pressure, meet the needs of users in different functional segments, to achieve more High efficiency, longer fan life.

Fan Grid Wind Wall

In order to achieve higher air performance in ventilation applications, a single large fan is no longer an ideal solution, we recommend a combination of multiple plug-and-play fans for installation, parallel operation, and an intelligent and flexible wind wall solution. It adopts modular design, which is easy to install, saves space, and the redundant design greatly improves the reliability of the system. At the same time, choosing the right EC fan solution also helps to significantly reduce operating costs.

Refrigeration Industry

In industrial refrigeration applications, fans must be robust, efficient and reliable to ensure consistent cooling during continuous operation.

For axial fans used in evaporators, condensers, cooling towers and heat exchangers, in addition to the required air volume, minimal noise and higher energy efficiency are also important characteristics that should be possessed. Ebmpapst adopts a design concept based on a modular system. In different applications, the system efficiency can be optimized up to 54%, and the fan noise reduction can reach 8 dB(A).


Fan Recommendation

Large fans in sizes 800 and 910mm are especially suitable for refrigeration equipment such as condensers or evaporators. Its air volume can be as high as 40,000m³/h, and the maximum pressure range can reach 350Pa.

The above sizes have corresponding EC fans, and the performance advantages are more obvious.


Innovative Product: Axial Fan for In-Line Air Conditioning

2022 China Refrigeration Exhibition "Innovative Product" - ebmpapst "Axial Fan for Inter-row Air Conditioning in Data Center", specially designed for inter-row air conditioners for data centers with high back pressure requirements, with an innovative design concept that eliminates the need for blades and wings The gap between the tip and the fan coil reduces eddy and turbulent flow. The fan can effectively reduce the PUE value of the computer room and help the green and low-carbon development of the data center.

The new product has a rated speed of 7,000rpm and a voltage of 48VDC. Its exterior dimensions are 200x70mm, making it ideal for 300mm and 600mm in-row air conditioners. Although the size is compact, the power is up to 500W, which can provide more powerful air volume. The new axial flow fan is specially designed for high back pressure applications, providing a temperature range from -20°C to +60°C to meet the needs of air conditioning solutions for data rooms with high heat dissipation density under different application environmental conditions.

High power density, compact structure, excellent heat dissipation effect

Air performance improved by up to 9%, efficiency increased by nearly 7%, and noise reduced by up to 5dB(A).

Adopt three-phase multi-pole DC green technology motor technology to run smoothly and with little vibration.

Intelligent control and monitoring for increased operational reliability and service life.


Hengrui Hongsheng does not forget its original intention, assists the ventilation and cooling industry on the road of low-carbon energy saving, and strives to provide customers and friends with satisfactory fan selection and customized services.

Our company has a wide range of fan products, including axial fans, centrifugal fans, cross-flow fans and gas blowers, IP68 waterproof/dustproof/salt spray proof, EC intelligent speed regulation and other energy-saving spot fan products. We have rich fan solutions and mature experience in type selection, design, and construction. More project cases and customized solutions are available for your reference and selection!


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