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refrigeration fan solutions
For Industrial(Process) & Commercial Cooling
Cold Chain,Cooling Tower in the chemical, petrochemical, plastics processing, electrical or heavy industry
condenser/condensing unit/evaporator/chiller unit
Right Fans Features
The stable ambient temperature is required in most industrial processes. High performance fans can adapt to various special environments, such as dirt, high temperature or vibration and even customized fans for explosion-proof environments.
Good refrigeration fans should be sturdy, durable and reliable to ensure a consistent cooling effect during continuous opeation with low onoise and high energy efficiency.
For Retail Cooling
Cooling furniture like Refrigerators and Freezers in supermarkets, wholesale markets or company canteens
Right Fans Features
The fans we offered in the refrigerator and display/beverage cabinet generally uses the shaded pole motor.
The green science and technology EC motor, of which efficiency can reach to 70% with only about 1/10 power dissipation, has high cost performance in energy-saving motor transformation projects.
Refrigeration Fan Applications and Advantages
refrigeration fans
Product Range
Refrigetation Fan Recommendation
refrigeration fans condenser fans
refrigeration fans
refrigeration fans
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