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What is an Air Handling Unit (AHU)?
AHUs are primarily used to regulate, reconditon, and circulate air as part of an HVAC system,
in order to improve the indoor air quality.
It is widely used in data center/air conditioning/heating and other industries. 
Type of AHU Fans
AC Fan EC Fan
ebmpapst-AC fan-beijing-hengrui ebmpapst-EC fan-beijing-hengrui
Motor: AC
• Components: Not integrated 
• Size: Large and heavy
• AHU set-up: Typically a single fan in AHU
• Airflow: Parallel to axis
• Works best with:
Applications that require non-ducted straight-line flow, high-volume flow
Motor: EC 
• Known as brushless DC motors
• AC input is converted to high DC supply to the motors
• Components: Integrated 
• Size: Compact
• AHU set-up: Multiple fans in AHU
• Airflow: Diagonally to axis
• Works best with: Duct applications that require high static pressure
Why Choose EC Fans for AHU?
ebmpapst-Backward centrifugal fan Backward centrifugal fan
ebmpapst EC centrifugal fan
AHU Retrofit / Upgrade
-40% in Energy Savings
ebmpapst EC fan renovation
ebmpapst Data center fan ebmpapst Air purification fan
refrigeration fan Heating fan
beijing hengrui hongsheng