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Hengrui Hongsheng staffs' trip to Japan

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September is a good time to travel. In order to relax everyone's mood and enhance the company's cohesion, Henry decided to take us to Japan for a tour.

On September 10, 2019, with the first ray of sunshine in the morning, we set out expectantly.

Mount Fuji, known as "Sacred Yue", is the first stop of our trip to Japan. Mount Fuji is the highest peak in Japan, with an altitude of 3776 meters. At this time, although Mount Fuji was not covered by snow, it was still beautiful.

The vast jungle at the foot of Mount Fuji is particularly beautiful against the blue sky and white clouds.

Henry team is in front of Tianshou Pavilion in Osaka City Park.

Huangju Waiyuan is located between Wannei High-rise Building Street and Huangju, with fine stones laid inside and pine trees planted everywhere.

On the broad square, the happy smiling face of Henry team~

Golden Pavilion Hall with Golden Foil

We're in the Eight Seas of Nino

Ginza is a major business district in central Tokyo, Japan, known as "the most expensive place in Asia". While traveling, food and shopping are not to be disappointed. Henry's partners buy it quickly~


This trip to Japan has been successfully completed. It not only reflects Henry's concern for employees, but also provides more communication opportunities for employees. We will work together with the company to achieve the task of 2019, maintain a strong will in the work process, and create higher benefits for the company.




In this harvest season, the results of Hengrui's excellent employee selection came out in August. Let's see who our excellent employees are?


Sales champion


Excellent staffs

Henry always provides you with more professional fan service, we have lower prices and enthusiastic service attitude. Henry team will travel all over the world to provide you with better fans in the world!

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